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Im super excited that Shakuntala Devi will be releasing on Amazon Prime, says Sanya Malhotra
Sanya Malhotra is an actress who gives it her all while acting and overcomes the hurdles of playing characters effortlessly by truly molding into the mask of the character. Two of her films are already streaming on OTT -Pataakha and Photograph. Both released on Amazon after their theatrical runs and her upcoming film Shakuntala Devi will see a direct digital release on Amazon as well.Talking about her upcoming film’s release, Sanya shares, "I’m super excited that Shakuntala Devi will be releasing on Amazon Prime, it feels like I have a special relationship with Amazon because even Photograph and Pataakha had released there it received a huge response. I’m looking forward to the audience seeing Shakuntala Devi and overall I’m happy that in such times, we are able to keep the audience entertained.”Both of the actress’ characters in these films received enormous laudation even when they were released on OTT and even saw distinctive characters with one being a character in a romantic drama film and another being a character in a comedy film. It just goes to show that Sanya is not restricted to any genres or constraints and the selection of her scripts are based upon how absorbing the plots are and if they convey meaningful messages or not.Sanya Malhotra will be seen playing the role of Vidya Balan's character Shakuntala Devi's daughter in the film. Apart from Shakuntala Devi, the actress will be seen making an awe-striking appearance in the anthology film Ludo and comedy-drama film Pagglait loving to the audience her astonishing ability to adapt to characters yet again.
Vikas Guppta comes out of the closet, thanks Karan Kundrra, Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma for their immense support
Vikas Guppta of Bigg Boss fame has come out of the closet and took to his Instagram to share his coming out story. Sharing his journey through almost an hour-long video, Vikas Guppta opened up about his sexuality with pride and his friends couldn’t be more proud of him. He is an integral part of the industry and is a great friend to most of them. he couldn’t help but thank a few special people in the industry for giving him the courage to speak about his sexuality without hesitation. In a long note along with the video, Vikas Guppta thanked Karan Kundrra, Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma, and more.He caption reads, “My coming Out - #vikasgupta Here I am , how I am - Standing tall and I will not be shamed bullied or blackmailed for what God has made me.It has been years of torture and humiliation and hiding my emotions but that has not stopped me from being a good human being who is constantly evolving. I have made mistakes and I will continue to do so but I am learning and not repeating them. I will move shed to do better.My family has left me for what ever reason they want to give but I will not Bring shame to Them by putting details of it both #parthsamthaan and #priyanksharma have done terrible things but I will not shame them either of what all has happened cause mud slinging is what one of them loves. I spoke today because they pushed me to this extend.I will put one last post after both have spoken. To give what is needed for people to know the truth. After which they can do and keep doing what they want to. As for my mom , I love you even if you don’t love me anymore. My siblings who I have brought so much shame to, seeing you makes me swell with pride and my friends who don’t find me kool anymore thankyou for being good to me when ever you were. I am thankful #karankundra undra for all these years even after knowing about my sexuality you chose to stand by me even though people would gossip about u too but you dint leave my side and was there like an older brother protecting me .M for making me realise it’s okay And Ekta di for the only one who has been there no matter what and I will be there no matter what ?? Gayu Maam Thanku for the call yesterday. This is what came out of it #Lostsouls I have a family.Thankyou for taking care of me .”
Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar limit their comments on Instagram amid trolling
Actors Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and filmmaker Karan Johar had closed or limited their Instagram comment section after merciless trolling that has been happening after the untimely passing of Sushant Singh Rajput. His suicide once again began the conversation around mental health and how outsiders have to continuously struggle to prove their worth whereas star kids have the privilege that gives them easy access to projects and meeting with filmmakers.The angry fans have been continuously trending hashtags against the star kids and filmmaker as they address them as ‘nepotism gang’.  Not only have they limited their comment section, they have also refrained from sharing anything on social media ever since the trolling began.Sonakshi Sinha is one of the stars who has quit Twitter after being at the receiving end of the trolling.Meanwhile, an advocate in Bihar has filed a case against Salman Khan, Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar alleging abetment to suicide in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.
Soni Razdan responds to Hansal Mehtas tweets amid nepotism controversy after Alia Bhatt gets trolled mercilessly
Once again, the nepotism debate has taken over social media after the untimely passing of Sushant Singh Rajput. Many celebrity kids are being trolled mercilessly on social media. Actor Soni Razdan has spoken up amid controversy after her daughter Alia Bhatt was being trolled brutally.Filmmaker Hansal Mehta weighed in on the nepotism debate recently stating, “This nepotism debate must be broadened. Merit counts most. My son got a step in the door because of me. And why not. But he’s been an integral part of my best work because he is talented, disciplined, hardworking, and shares similar values as me. Not just because he’s my son.”He will make films not because I will produce them. I might not. But because he deserves to make them. He will have a career only if he survives. It is ultimately him and not his father who will build his career. My shadow is both his biggest benefit and greatest bane.— Hansal Mehta (@mehtahansal) Hansal continued, "He will make films not because I will produce them. I might not. But because he deserves to make them. He will have a career only if he survives. It is ultimately him and not his father who will build his career. My shadow is both his biggest benefit and greatest bane.”Unfortunately, we often mistake PR, imaging, paid media and gossip as essential tools for survival here. Media uses our insecurities and aspirations to its benefit. We need to change that by being that change. Media will thrive on what you give them. Give them your talent.— Hansal Mehta (@mehtahansal) Hiding under the guise of opposing nepotism does not make you a lesser bully. People in power (inherited/earned) have no business bullying those perceived to be less powerful or dependent on them. By focusing on nepotism some people are obfuscating the debate. Replying to his tweets, Soni wrote, “The expectation that people have because of whose son or daughter you are is much more. Also those who r ranting about nepotism today and who have made it on their own will also have kids one day. And what if they want to join the industry? Will they stop them from doing so?”To which, Hansal responded by saying, “The debate has been narrowed down to target certain people. Not for the sake of reform or larger good. Before nepotism ends we must work towards reducing hypocrisy and ‘vested interest publicity’. Bullying must end. Bullies must be called out. Not talent.”The expectation that people have because of whose son or daughter you are is much more. Also thise who r ranting about nepotism today and who have made it on their own will also have kids one day. And what if they want to join the industry? Will they stop them from doing so ?— Soni Razdan (@Soni_Razdan) Many film industry members including Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor Khan among others are at the receiving end of the trolling.
IMPPA writes to CM Uddhav Thackeray to permit workers to join sets only after testing negative for COVID-19
CM Uddhav Thackeray has been handling the Coronavirus outbreak crisis really well and has made sure to increase the number of tests done in the state. While there have been a few leniencies applied to the lockdown, the Indian Motion Pictures' Production Association (IMPPA) wrote to the CM to let workers join the sets only after they have been tested negative for COVID-19. Writing a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashta, the association thanked the CM for amending the guidelines according to their suggestion.The letter reads, “Dear Sir,Sub: Grateful Thanks for amending impractical guidelines for starting shootingWe are indeed very grateful and indebted to your kind self for kindly considering and implementing the suggestions made by us in our email letter dated 2-6-2020 for relaxation in the guidelines prescribed for starting of shooting in Maharashtra. We are indeed highly obliged that you have considered our suggestion’s worthy of incorporation and have advised the authorities to issue fresh GR dated 23-6-2020   in which the demands made by us have been majorly incorporated like the mandatory requirement of a doctor and a nurse to be available on the set throughout the shooting which was  impossible to comply with in view of the serious shortage of doctors and ambulances in the city of Bombay where cases of Corona virus are  rising in thousands and all these medical professionals were required to treat the patients and not wait on set watching if anybody falls ill.As suggested by us you have very kindly amended the guideline regarding provision of hotel accommodation to all unit members and have stated that this is only recommendatory and shall not be mandatory as proposed.You have kindly also accepted our demand that it is not possible to cast real family members as family members in the shows/films because every person is not an actor as acting is a specialized profession and therefore we appreciate the fact that you have made this guideline also recommended only.The fact that the entire custody and possession of the set has been left in the hands of the Producer without any external interference or inspector to ensure safety and security of all unit members is another step which is very welcome as when the producer is himself going to bear all the risk if anything untoward happens he will definitely ensure that there are no lapses of any nature in the safety and precaution to ensure safety and health of all the unit members.We also recommend to your kindself that before starting work all unit members wanting to work in the shooting should submit negative Covid reports  because when so many unit members are involved in the shooting it is necessary to ensure that the people working should not be Covid positive and hence the report should be insisted upon.We are obliged to you for having accepted our request and doing the needful and would request you to also declare that these are only contingency measures which have been made without taking into account the shows/ films waiting to be launched because if all the producer, artists, technicians and workers have to survive  Film and TV production has to go beyond what was held up and new work has to start because 24-hour entertainment needs more and more content and we need to fulfil this requirement of entertainment with new material being produced for which these guidelines after removal of Lock down should not apply and every producer should be permitted to shoot as per his desire after obtaining the required permissions and present Guidelines to be limited to Lock down period.We are sure your kindself will kindly do the needful in the matter and oblige.For Indian Motion Picture Producers’ AssociationT.P. AggarwalPresidentCC toMr. Anil Deshmukh (Home Minister of Maharashtra)Mr. Amit Deshmukh (Minister of Cultural Affairs)”
Netflix shells out whopping Rs. 70 cr to acquire Janhvi Kapoor starrer Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl
The Coronavirus pandemic that has sent the world into a lockdown and has caused economies to spiral out of control. Back home in India, the film industry has taken a massive hit with film production and theatres being shut down. However, filmmakers are now looking at various OTT platforms to release their ventures without delay. After the Amitabh Bachchan – Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Gulabo Sitabo was released on a streaming site, the Janhvi Kapoor starrer Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is the next big ticket Bollywood entertainer to take this route. Interestingly, this strategy of opting for an OTT release over a conventional theatrical release seems to be paying off for the filmmakers. In fact, reports suggest that Netflix has shelled out a staggering Rs. 70 cr to acquire the Janhvi Kapoor starrer.Talking about the same a well-placed industry source says, “Gulabo Sitabo was acquired for around Rs. 65 cr, and when it comes to the Janhvi Kapoor film, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl has been one of the most talked about and keenly anticipated releases of 2020. Now given the hype surrounding the film, and the fact that it is sure to tug the patriotic stings within your heart, it comes as no surprise that Netflix coughed up Rs. 70 cr to acquire the venture.” Further talking about how profitable this sale was to the makers of the film, the source continues, “Like in the case of Gulabo Sitabo, the sum paid by the OTT platform is much higher than the production value. As for Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, the cost of production is estimated to be between Rs. 25-30 cr, as against the Rs. 70 cr being earned from its sale. Now thanks to this, Karan Johar stands to make a neat profit even before the film hits screens.”While the source clearly states that filmmakers are making the best use of OTT platforms to gain an upper hand when it comes to earning from the sale of a film’s digital rights, it still remains to be seen whether OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon revise their acquisition strategies’ during the pandemic.
Naagin 4 star Vijayendra Kumeria busts a fake casting call on social media
With the pandemic outbreak, the lockdown has lasted for close to a hundred days resulting in shows being axed out with no chance of coming back on air. Naagin 4, however, will be back for a power pact finale episode starring Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria. It was also recently revealed that Rashami Desai will also be a part of the finale. However, considering the lockdown, a lot of people have been working from home and casting directors have been approaching the celebs to audition from home. Vijayendra Kumeria came across one such incident, except that he was quick to realise that the call was a scam.Vijayendra Kumera took to his Instagram story to share a few screenshots with the man who approached him for a web series on Amazon Prime Video with Reliance. Claiming that Vijayendra was being looked at as the second lead of the apparent Ranbir Kapoor and Yami Gautam starrer. Since Vijayendra has received such calls before for television shows, he had called them out almost immediately; but when it comes to OTT and films, he did not have a clue. When they narrated the script to him, he spoke to them and abided by the basic requirements of an audition. However, the said person refused to share his email address and asked him to share a video of himself in a compromising situation. That is when Vjayendra understood that it was a fake call and took no time to share it on his social media.Vijayendra also said that a few other people have received calls for the same web-show but refused to take names.
Choreographer Saroj Khan hospitalised after breathing issue, tests negative for Covid-19
Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan has been admitted to a hospital after she complained that she was having trouble breathing. As per the latest reports, the 71-year old choreographer was immediately taken to Guru Nanak Hospital in Bandra on June 21.Since there are also concerns about COVID-19, the mandatory test was done following the protocol. The results came out negative. As per the latest update, Saroj Khan is currently recovering and doing well. She will most probably be discharged from the hospital in a day or two.With a career span of over forty years, she has choreographed more than 2000 songs. She is a three-time National Award winner for the songs – ‘Dola Re Dola’ from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas,‘Ek Do Teen’ from Tezaab and ‘Ye Ishq Haaye’ from Jab We Met. She last choreographed for ‘Tabaah Hogaye’, featuring Madhuri Dixit in 2019 film, Kalank.
Kartik Aaryan is left heartbroken as the cruel dog meat festival begins in Yulin, China
Kartik Aaryan is a vegetarian and loves animals like no one else. The actor took to his social media to express his dismay over a festival that brings cruelty towards dog. Kartik shared a picture which he had shot for an animal-welfare organization and his caption reads, "Har saal dil todte hain yeh Yulin Festival waale ???? #StopYulin #YulinKMKB."The actor is one of the first Indian celebrities to raise his voice against this festival that happens annually in Yulin, China. Every year innumerable four-legged pets are slaughtered as a part of the festival. This festival is seen as a cruelty tradition worldwide and some even term it as inhumane as its fatal for dogs.
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Street Dancer 3D75.00 CrFlop
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