Ali Fazals Indo American film based on Immigration issues to release in the US

Ali Fazals Indo  American film based on Immigration issues to release in the US
We all are aware that the much awaited sequel Fukrey Returns has gone on floor in India and Ali Fazal being one of the lead characters in the film is in the midst of shooting the same. And now, the actors international collaboration which was shot two years back, For Here Or ToGo is believed to be finally releasing in America. The film, that was shot two years back, hasAliessaying the lead role set against the backdrop of 2008 recession and a series of comedy events that show the harsh reality of immigration issues faced by thousands of people in the US. The movies character portrays him as an aspiring candidate for a lucrative job offer in the Silicon Valley, only to find himself in a lurk when his job position isdissolved owing to the recession. When asked Ali about it he said,This issue of visa and immigrations for several has been there right from the beginning and has always been sort of simmering and it was a great angle to bring this issue in front of every individual. Currently, the time is so relatable and the film has a better connect with the audiences. It also actually has a fun element in the narrative. This movie is made from true events and the producer brought this idea to me and I totally loved it and that is when I just said yes to this film. I hope audiences love this one and find it relevant. For Here Or ToGo is slated to release in the US by the end of March. Its a mereco-incidence that the filmis coming out at a time when the immigration issue has become a global conversation owing to the reforms in laws in the US currently which has left the world in a divided debate of what is right and whatisnt. The film had premiered last year at the MAMI film festival and is soon to also see arelease in India this year.

Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama News Network