Rakhi Sawant receives death threats over Tanushree Dutta Nana Patekar issue, files an FIR

Rakhi Sawant receives death threats over Tanushree Dutta  Nana Patekar issue, files an FIR
Rakhi Sawant stirred up the hornets nest yet again after she made some shocking revelations about her replacing Tanushree Dutta in the song from Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008. Rakhi gave a totally different version and slammed Tanushree. She stood by Nana Patekar and MNS chief Raj Thackeray who were accused by Tanushree. Now, looks like the controversy queen does not want to let this issue die because the latest news is that she has filed an FIR because she has been receiving death threats over this issue. She sure knows to make the issue about herself and stay in the news regardless of whatever happens. For those who dont know, Rakhi made some scandalous and outrageous claims about Tanushree being high on drugs and fainting on the sets. She said, Let that #MeToo movement go to the dogs, I did not want to be a part of this, but you media people have badgered me into hosting this press meet. As far as me replacing me Tanushree Dutta in the song Nathani Utaro , I was at home one evening when Ganesh Acharya called me asking me to come to the sets. After that even Nana Patekar called me and requested me to come and shoot for the song. At that time I did not know what had happened. Yet I went to the sets and when I got there I see this huge crowd near a vanity van and media people were there too. Thats when I asked what had happened, and Ganesh told me she was (Tanushree) was part of this song, and that she had already shot for a bit, but for the past four to five hours Tanushree had locked herself in the van and was unresponsive. Now I know Tanushree and her hair dresser as well, so I called her thinking she will at least answer my call, then I asked her makeup and hair team what was happening, and they said that, Tanushree was unconscious for the past three to four hours. I was surprised to learn that, she was high on drugs and had fainted. She also said that Tanushree was doing all this for an entry in Bigg Boss 12 post which MNS threatened Bigg Boss makers that if she does come in the house as a participant, they will initiate violence. Also Read: No one from Bollywood is SUPPORTING Tanushree Dutta, they are just showing sympathy says Rakhi Sawant

Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama News Network