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Me Too: Farah Khan is SCARED of Sajid Khan getting JUDGED & PUNISHED on Twitter
Sajid Khans Me Too expose was one of the most shocking piece of information for the industry. While the insiders claim that it came as no surprise to them because Sajid is infamous for his bad behaviour towards women, his sister Farah Khan said she had no idea and that she stands by the victims. She further said that a proper investigation should be done in this matter. Cousin and filmmaker/actor Farhan Akhtar too criticised Sajid Khan in strong words and condemned his action. Sajid came out with a statement later announcing that he is stepping down as director from Akshay Kumar s Housefull 4 but did not accept allegations against him. He said that the truth will come out eventually. At a media event recently, Farah spoke about this with media persons and said that she fears the quick judgement passed on the matter through Twitter. Farah Khan opined, I am against fear psychosis for anybody whether it is for a woman or for a man who is talking to a girl and getting scared that should I be talking like this. We want to have to have a happy positive environment, so that is most important. The only thing I fear are the quick judgments and the quick punishments that are meted out through trial by Twitter which is happening in hours. Even in Hollywood they take their time, they do their research, they do an investigation. They interview friends and family, whether it is 20 years ago or 10 years go- they investigate. So that is a bit scary for everybody. Farah Khan took to Twitter moments after allegations were levied on Sajid Khan by Rachel White and Saloni Chopra and wrote, This is a heartbreaking time for my family. We have to work through some very difficult issues. If my brother has behaved in this manner he has a lot to atone for. I dont in any way endorse this behavior and Stand in solidarity with any woman who has been hurt. Also Read: #MeToo movement hits a low with Reema Kagti being called out
Vinta Nanda thanks police to recording her complaint, Alok Nath ordered to attend court hearings
Vinta Nandas expose on Alok Nath shocked us to the core and gave Me Too movement a great momentum in India. She publicly posted in horrific detail, the way she was raped and abused by one of the most respected, Babuji Alok Nath of television and film industry and her story was vouched by television personalities Navneet Nishan and Himani Shivpuri who claimed that Naths behaviour was an open secret in the industry. Vintas incident happened 20 years ago but she finally found strength to come out with her story and now has filed a formal complaint against the actor. A case has been ongoing in this regard as Alok Naths counsel slammed a Re. 1 defamation case on Nanda for maligning his image. Alok Nath remained absent for the hearing and his lawyer Ashol Saraogi asked for Naths exemption. His plea was rejected as Alok Nath is the main person in this matter and therefore has been ordered to be present at the next hearing which will take place on October Vinta is happy that today, she can come out and speak about the harassment she faced at the hands of Alok Nath. She stated, I am fearless today because I have spoken what I had to and Ive let it out. She recalled how one incident of her life broke her completely, had adverse effect on her life and career. She said that she lost 20 years of her life after Alok Nath raped her. It took that long for her to heal and so it is important that women come out in open and talk about this. Alok Nath denied his involvement in these allegations by Nanda but she got majority support in the industry for speaking up. Also Read: BREAKING! Vinta Nanda addresses press, says ALOK NATH is guilty and scared
Vikas Bahl files a Rs. 10 CRORE LAWSUIT against Phantom partners Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap
Last few weeks have been crazy with Me Too movement gaining momentum in the country. Bollywood has not escaped this grim reality. After Tanushree Dutta spoke about the abuse she faced at the hands of industry veterans like Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri, there were many skeletons in the closet which were addressed subsequently. Anurag Kashyap shocked everyone by dissolving Phantom Productions and then made a statement about his co-partner Vikas Bahl and serious allegation of sexual misconduct was levied on him by an ex-employee of Phantom. It was exposed that Bahl had abused the victim during the promotional tour of Bombay Velvet in 2015 in Goa. Following this, Vikramaditya Motwane too addressed this in a separate tweet. Now, Vikas Bahl has filed a defamation suit worth Rs 10 crores against his ex-Phantom partners and has made clear that if he is going down, he will take his partners too. In addition to this, he has asked court to pass an order disallowing both Motwane and Kashyap from making any public statements against him on social media or otherwise. The court made the victim a respondent in the case as her statement is crucial. Meanwhile, it has asked both parties to solve matter amicably if possible in the interim period. The next hearing in the matter is adjourned till October 19. Bahl stated that Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwanes statements led to irreversible damage to his reputation and they should thus refrain from making, defamatory, slanderous and baseless allegations His counsel argued that despite the allegations of harassment and misconduct, the victim stayed in touch and continued working in Phantom but court dismissed this and said that they cannot trivialise her statement based on this. Stay tuned to know what happens next in this case. Also Read: Vikas Bahl HITS BACK at Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane for defamation, calls them OPPORTUNISTS
As Rishi Kapoors treatment begins, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt join him in New York
TheKapoorfamily is going through a time of crisis.RanbirKapoors fatherRishiKapoor is seriously ill. As his medical treatment begins in New York, his sonRanbirand Ranbirs girlfriend Alia Bhatthave taken time off to be in NY along with MrsNeetuKapoor. A source close to the family says, Rishi is taking the setback very bravely, not even willing to let the disease depress or defeat him. He didnt want anyone except his wifeNeetuwith him during the treatment. ButRanbirinsisted on being there. And when he insisted, so did Alia. Both took time off from the shooting ofKaranJohars production Bramhastra to be in NY. According to the source, KaranJoharand Ranbirs best friendAyanMukerji (who directs Brahmastra ) are also expected to join the Kapoor family in NY at some point in the near future. Adds the source, Rishis elder sister has bravely battled the disease for seven years.Rishiis a fighter. He will emerge a winner. Our prayers are with the family. Also Read: Check out: Alia Bhatt stares at Ranbir Kapoor like a LOVE LOST PUPPY in this pic from Brahmastra sets
Swara Bhasker, Raveena Tandon and Renuka Shahane become CINTAA members
After the #MeToo stories that has taken India by storm as women shared their harassment incidents, Cine andTV Artists Association (CINTAA) is taking every measure to ensure workplace safety. On Wednesday, CINTAA announced that they will be setting up the committees to tackle sexual harassment in the industry. Swara Bhasker, Raveena Tandon and Renuka Shahane are the new members who will be joining the committees. Sushant Singh, general secretary, CINTAA, revealed that Swara Bhasker was already working independently on sexual harassment awareness. When they met, they knew they were on the same page. So, she became a member. They are setting up different sub-committees for sexual harassment awareness programs. Even POSH will be part of the sessions to help in counseling, awareness, and workshops. Filmmaker Amol Gupte, journalist Bharti Dubey, PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) lawyers, and psychologists will also be joining the different committees. Also Read: #MeToo: IFTDA takes action against Sajid Khan, followed by three complaints of sexual harassment against the director
#MeToo movement hits a low with Reema Kagti being called out
It is a lowdown innuendo to suggest that directorReemaKagtiharassed her leading ladyMouniRoy during the making of theAkshayKumarstarrer Gold.Thankfully Ms Roy quickly hit back and debunked this preposterous allegation while another actor worked in the film now defends Reemas reputation. That we should even be speaking of defendingReemaMaams reputation is a crying shame. She is one of the most professional directors Ive worked with. She is interested in nothing beyond her work. Between shots she doesnt gossip with her actors. Throughout the making of the film she kept to herself. And now whenReema Maam has come forward to lend her name to a petition in support of the#MeToomovements (a letter signed by a group of eminent female directors pledging not to work with proven sexual offenders) someone comes up with this wild allegation? Not done, says the actor. This actor wants to keep his defence of his director anonymous because, If I name myself Id be shamed for crimes I wouldnt imagine committing. Its a terrifying scenario out there. The accused must take the accusation quietly and anyone defending the accused automatically becomes vulnerable to attack. Also Read: #MeToo: IFTDA takes action against Sajid Khan, followed by three complaints of sexual harassment against the director
Singer Shweta Pandit ACCUSES Anu Malik of SEXUAL misconduct after Sona Mohapatra
In the wake of on-going Me Too movement, singer Sona Mohapatra accused Anu Malik as a serial sex offender. Soon after she called him out, another singer Shweta Pandit came out with her horror story about Anu in a tweet. She posted, Had to go back to my worst memory as a teenage girl today to write this and speak up its now or never. This is my #MeToo and have to warn young girls about #AnuMalik & let you know your #TimesUp @IndiaMeToo.Thank you @sonamohapatra for speaking up about him & supporting this. Shweta recalled being asked by Anu Malik to give a kiss to him when she was just 15 at Empire Studio during an on-going recording, in the exchange of a play back track with Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan. She said that Anu knew her entire family and kept referring to her dad as, Bhai. Futhermore, he even has daughters her age but that does not stop him from exploiting other women, minor or otherwise. She called him a paedophile. Sona Mohapatra recalled an incident when Anu Malik called her maal, lewdly and sexually objectifying her. Shweta thanked Sona for speaking up and exposing Anu Malik. While the composer denied meeting Mohapatra, he even called Shwetas allegation ridiculous. He said to media, No comments. This is ridiculous. I dont want to talk about it. Today anyone says anything. Here is Pandits post where she has exposed Anu Malik. Had to go back to my worst memory as a teenage girl today to write this and speak up its now or never. This is my https://twitter.com/hashtag/MeToo?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw #MeToo and have to warn young girls about https://twitter.com/hashtag/AnuMalik?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw #AnuMalik & let you know your https://twitter.com/hashtag/TimesUp?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw #TimesUp https://twitter.com/IndiaMeToo?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw @IndiaMeToo Thank you https://twitter.com/sonamohapatra?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw @sonamohapatra for speaking up about him & supporting this https://t.co/e261pGQyEq pic.twitter.com/e261pGQyEq Shweta Pandit (@ShwetaPandit7) https://twitter.com/ShwetaPandit7/status/1052490035407204353?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw October 17, 2018 Also Read: ME TOO: Actress who named Luv Ranjan SLAMS Nushrat Bharucha, Sonnalli Seygall and Bhansali Productions CEO Shobha Sant for calling her a LIAR
Nandita Das takes Manto to youngsters in Oxford, shows the film to Malala
The youngest winner of the Nobel peace prizeMalalaYousoufzaisawNanditaDass bio-pic onSaddatHaasanMantoearlier this week. AndMalalawas deeply moved. Says Nandita happily, She was very moved by the film. She said she hadnt heard ofMantobefore but his story resonated with her. She gave me a photobookabout Oxford and wrote it was an honour to host me! She is a simple 21-year old student, who I could see did nothing to be any different from the other students. But it is her conviction and courage that sets her apart. LikeManto. Nanditas journey of sharing Manto began at the Cannes Film Festival on the 13th of May, 2018. After that it went onto other festivals like Sydney, Toronto,Busan andBFILondon Film Festival. SaysNandita, I am truly overwhelmed by the response the film has received. My most favourite part of this journey remains the audience interactions at the end of the screenings. I was asked, whyMantoand has his relevance has grown since I began work on the film. What were the challenges of recreating the period? How did you choose the stories that you interwove with the main narrative? But more importantly, there were many questions about the deeper intent and the thoughts and feelings the film triggered. I was also asked questions that I had never been asked before. For instance: Am I pessimist or am I still hopeful? Have the six years ofMantoenriched me or drained me? Can the younger generation that has never seen violence like that of the Partition, ever understand the enormity of it? And many more. They have helped me look within and have made me more reflective and introspective. In spite of the dark mood in contemporary times Nanditasees hope across the globe. I was very touched that so many people came to see the film, traveling many hours and felt it was worth their time and effort. I know it has been well worth mine! For me, what has been most reassuring is that there is a lot of empathy and sensitivity despite the growing angst and aggression. At times we tend to feel cynical and lonely, forgetting that it is not as dismal as it feels. The way the audiences have empathized, not just withManto, but with the struggles of the various characters in the film, especially his wife,Safia, says a lot about peoples own understanding of human suffering. I am amazed how the subtlest of nuances have even been picked up by those who know nothing about the context. She feels films about the universal human experience will always work. The universality of human experiences is what moves people beyond borders and cultures. These are the stories that stand the test of time. When the lights come on, at the end of the film, some walk out in an introspective silence, some strangers hug me teary-eyed and some continue to stare at the screen even after all the credits have rolled. This warms my heart. To my surprise, many have commented that they see a lot of me in the film. While undoubtedly, this film is a deeply personal one, I had not realized that so much of me would transpire and reach the audiences in such a palpable way. Strangely cinema is able to make even the subliminal so tangible. But the most satisfying part of the Manto journey was Nanditas interaction with young people. Apart from the Indian release and festival circuit, the other audience that I really wanted to engage with, is the youth. Just as I had taken my first film Firaaq to many colleges and universities in India and abroad, I plan to do the same with Manto.That journey too has begun with the first one atLSEand Oxford. The interactions have been very uplifting as the idealism and the rebelliousness among the young perfectly resonates withManto. Also Read: #MeToo: Nandita Das father Jatin Das accused of sexual harassment and forcibly kissing a woman
Taanaji The Unsung Warrior: Saif Ali Khan trains in horse riding for his forthcoming film with Ajay Devgn
Looks like Saif Ali Khan has found new interest in period dramas. The actor, who is gearing up for the release Baazaar , will next be seen in two historical tales, Hunter and Taanaji The Unsung Warrior.The actor made the announcement of joining the star cast of the Ajay Devgn starrer recently and he will be seen in a role with grey shades in the forthcoming film. Now we hear that Saif has already started his prep for the same. If reports are to be believed, Saif Ali Khan has started off the preparations by kicking off his horse riding lessons. The actor reportedly dedicates four hours of his daily schedule for the same and is practicing the sport at Mahalaxmi race course. Interestingly, many actors in the past, like Kangana Ranaut Kriti Sanon Arjun Kapoor etc. have practiced horse riding there for their respective period films. Sources have been quoted in these reports stating that Saif has apparently become a confident horse rider and has already picked up the basics quite well. We hear that Saif has to join the team of Taanaji by the end of this month while the film has already gone on floor more than a month ago. Interestingly, Saif had earlier revealed that he doesnt have to undergo much of extensive prep for Taanaji since he learnt a lot in his earlier film Hunter.Owing to the fact that Hunter too is set in a different era, Saif Ali Khan had spent a considerable amount of his time learning sword fighting and other skills for the film. The actor, in the past, had spoken about the same revealing that he had already grown a beard and even sported dreadlocks for Hunter. Also, he mentioned about spending almost two hours doing the makeup for the film. Besides that, learning sword fighting really is helping him in playing his role not only in Hunter but also in Taanaji The Unsung Warrior.Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn will be reuniting after 12 years post Omkara for this period drama that celebrates the courage of Taanaji, the military leader of Shivajis army. Set in the 17th century, the film will be made with much grandeur and will be shot in 3D. Also Read : 12 years after Omkara, Saif Ali Khan to turn anti hero in the Ajay Devgn starrer Taanaji
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